Shizhuang Weng, Wenxiu Zhu, Xueyan Zhang, Hecai Yuan, Ling Zheng, Jinling Zhao, Linsheng Huang, Ping Han,
Recent advances in Raman technology with applications in agriculture, food and biosystems: A review,
Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture,
Volume 3,
Pages 1-10,
ISSN 2589-7217,

Abstract: Raman technology, which covers Raman spectroscopy (RS) and its various derivative methods, has been widely applied in detection of various substances in agriculture, food and biosystems. This article reviews the recent advances in two mainstream Raman technologies as RS and SERS, including technical evolution, application and challenges, and spectral processing methods. Firstly, the origin, principle, defect, and development of RS were introduced. Then, the current situation, existing problems, and development trend of RS and SERS were discussed in agriculture, food, and biosystems, such as adulteration recognition, plant diseases identification, farm chemicals detection, food additives determination, and toxins analysis. At last, the spectral analysis methods include noise reduction, feature extraction or variable selection, and modeling were introduced in detail, which can realize the automatic and intelligent analysis of spectra without relying on professionals.

Keywords: Raman technology; Adulteration; Plant diseases; Farm chemicals; Toxins; Spectral processing methods